Andreas has more than a decade of experience in the soccer industry and previously played soccer in Cyprus. With a bachelor’s degree in Sports Marketing and Management, Andreas’ expertise is informed by both academic knowledge and practical experience. Andreas lived in Manchester, England, for nearly a decade, where he gained valuable insights by working with professional European soccer teams and coaching recreational youth leagues. Andreas is a seasoned business professional with a background in sports technology and a focus on player development and analytics. Andreas’ unique personal and professional background positions him as a visionary leader, driving Arete Sports Group toward excellence in soccer training and player development.

Pantelis is an educator who brings a diverse background and experience to the team. While an American by birth, his upbringing in Greece has instilled in him a rich cultural perspective. Pantelis holds bachelor’s degrees in Education, Engineering, and Journalism, complemented by a master’s degree in School Leadership. With a career spanning 23 years in public elementary schools in both Greece and the United States, Pantelis has served as a teacher and a principal, contributing significantly to the field of education. Beyond his educational endeavors, Pantelis has also served as a manager for various soccer teams for fourteen years, showcasing leadership skills on and off the field. Pantelis is the founder of Ellinognosia, an innovative method of teaching and learning Greek online. “I am excited to bring my expertise to Arete Sports Group, contributing to the development and success of our aspiring soccer players.”